Federation of local housing associations in Renfrewshire and East Renfrewshire, FLAIR 



FLAIR (the Federation of Local Associations in Renfrewshire and East Renfrewshire), is a partnership of local housing associations. FLAIR has been working together for many years and organisations participating are Barrhead HA, Bridgewater HA, Ferguslie Park HA, Linstone HA, Paisley HA and Williamsburgh HA. We have a formal constitution, although not a legal entity, which outlines how we will work together and how we will share the work – there is no one leader – our collaboration is based on trust, support, mutual co-operation, and a mutual aim to help and support our local communities. We hold an annual meeting in November and recently elected John Hamilton from Barrhead Housing Association as our FLAIR Spokesperson.

Presentation to SFHA finance conference November 2019 ‘cost benefits of collaborative working’ here

Some of the partnership working undertaken includes:

FLAIR Academy – we now advertise for new Board members and provide 9 induction workshops jointly with our local housing association partners. Each participant completing the induction programme is allocated to one of the FLAIR housing associations. this has proved a very successful recruitment programme and interest should be noted by contacting Paisley Housing Association on 0141 583 4124

FLAIR Annual conference – June each year The conference is attended by staff and governing body members as well as Council representatives and representatives from tenant groups. We deliver local workshops and keep up to date with local and national issues.

FLAIR Training – Training for staff and governing Board members is arranged locally at a suitable local venue and set depending on our joint development needs.

FLAIR Share employment services – where required for areas like development services, finance, services for sheltered housing and welfare rights services. As at December 2018, BHA also employ a Community Regeneration Officer and share these services with Williamsburgh Housing Association.

FLAIR community regeneration – as our Annual Reviews demonstrate, we have achieved much in collaboration for wider community regeneration over the years and have delivered a wide range of successful community-led projects.

FLAIR benchmarking – working in collaboration, we produce an annual benchmarking report, identify areas of good practice and complete peer reviews to share our knowledge and expertise including external validation.

FLAIR Employment and training opportunities – we participate in a range of training opportunities including Community Jobs fund, modern housing apprenticeships and local graduate intern programmes.

Our Annual Reports –



IFLAIR. This a partnership of 8 local housing associations delivering a joint programme of planned and cyclical maintenance. A framework agreement exists which allows us procure planned works. See the IFLAIR October 2019 newsletter here: IFLAIR NEWSLETTER October 19

For further information see our Investment section – procurement framework for more details.


You can find detail of our memberships and affiliations here

OTHER Key Partnerships

East Renfrewshire Council

Barrhead Housing Association has a long established relationship with East Renfrewshire Council, both at a Strategic and Operational level. This includes:

SHIP (Strategic Housing Investment Programme)

All Scottish Councils are required to supplement their Local Housing Strategy (LHS) with a 5 year Strategic Housing Investment Plan (SHIP).

The SHIP sets out how the available resources are used to support the delivery of new affordable homes in East Renfrewshire, based on sites expected to come forward for development over the 5 year period. This includes new homes for rent from housing associations and the Council, in areas where there is the greatest shortage. These developments usually include a mix of investment from Scottish Government, housing associations, East Renfrewshire Council etc.

In addition to Housing Association/Council rented housing, homes for low cost home ownership, or which could be available for rent at below market rent levels can also meet a local housing need.

The SHIP is developed in partnership with key partners, including the Council and housing associations, and reflects the housing investment priorities for the local area, based on what types of homes are required, and where, to meet housing need and demand. The SHIP provides detail about the projects which will funded over the period from 2019 to 2024 to help tackle these priorities.

Tackling Homelessness/Nomination Agreements

Barrhead Housing Association works closely with East Renfrewshire Council to help house homeless households and people threatened with homelessness.

We have a legal duty to provide permanent accommodation where the Council refers people to us under Section 5 of the Housing (Scotland) Act 2001. We have a  homeless referral procedure with the Council

Barrhead BID (Business Improvement District)

In September 2016, 149 local businesses located in the Centre of Barrhead voted in majority of ‘all about Barrhead’ becoming Scotland’s newest business improvement district (BID). Backed with a business plan of public realm improvements, events, marketing and business support, the BID seeks to ensure Barrhead continues its growth and thriving community spirit.

As a local business, we are part of the Barrhead BID arrangement and the Association’s Director of Asset Management serves on the Barrhead BID’s Board of Directors

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