Our overall aims are summarised as follows:

We want to :

Create communities that fit the needs and aspirations of our customers and allow customer to engage with us

Provide quality homes that are affordable to our customers now and in the future

Create desirable, safe and secure homes and neighbourhoods by investing in our homes

Strive for excellence across the organisation by being responsive to development and improvement in all areas of our work

Grow our business, our communities and our people

Improve the quality of our customers’ lives

Be flexible and adaptable to our changing environment

How we want to do it:

Empower our people to lead the changes we need to make

Deliver value for money and sound finances

Deliver responsive personal services to our customers in a ‘can do’ way

Be accountable, open and transparent

Prepare for change, growth and new opportunities

Strategic objectives – next 5 years:

Deliver our 5-year proposed investment plan

Develop our self-assessment governance framework

Maintain our engagement and participation with our customers

Support financial advice and service improvements to minimise the impact of Universal Credit

Continue to develop enhanced digital services

Deliver 100 new social rented home to exceed our 1000 homes target

Continue to invest, support and reward our people to maximise staff empowerment and support personal development

Continue to deliver efficiencies by understanding and reviewing our costs, our performance, our benchmarks and demand for our resources

Continually review the opportunities to maximise growth via our subsidiary


Details of our new Business Plan 2019-2024 – detailed in our Useful Documents section


Value for money – what it means for Barrhead HA and our customers

We have worked to produce a statement of what we think should be included in any discussion on value for money and what it means to us. We have developed this statement with our Tenant Scrutiny Panel. We have produced our current statement which is available in our useful documents section.  Previous Statements on Value for Money are available in our useful documents section.

If our customers have any comments to make on this we would be happy for feedback. We plan to update this statement each year.

Data Protection Act 2018 - The information you have supplied to us will be used by Barrhead Housing Association to process your enquiry or comments. We may also use your information to verify your identity where required, contact you by post, email or telephone and to maintain our records. Barrhead Housing Association will use this information because we need to do so to perform a task carried out. You can find out more about how we handle this information and your rights in respect of it by going to www.barrheadha.org.uk/usefuldocuments where our Data Protection Statement and Privacy Policy are available. If you do not have access to a computer and wish a paper copy please let us know by contacting us at or by telephone at 0141 881 0638.