Free Pioneer Mutual Money Management Account for Universal Credit Claimaints

Barrhead Housing Association are working in partnership with Pioneer Mutual Credit Union and East Renfrewshire Council to provide a free Money Management Account where the official launch of this joint venture took place recently.

Any tenant of East Renfrewshire Council or Barrhead Housing Association who is in receipt of Universal Credit will get their membership fees covered by their respective landlord. This includes the costs to open the Account and also become a member of the credit union and there are no ongoing fees.

Tenants will benefit from getting their housing costs paid directly to their landlord by using this account and will also benefit from a range of Account features, which include:

  • Free Life Savings and Loan Protection*
  • Saving for a rainy day
  • Access to Pioneer Mutual low cost loans*
  • Christmas Savings Club
  • Personal Service
  • All savings protected under FSCS

*subject to conditions


David McCready, Chairperson of Barrhead Housing Association stated ”We are delighted to be working in partnership with local agencies to ensure we can provide local services to all of our residents. Since Universal Credit went onto full service in September we have seen a surge in the number of our tenants who are moving onto Universal Credit. It is therefore crucial that we can offer as many options as possible to help tenants have their rent paid directly to the landlord”


Beth Welsh, business Development Manager added “The Money Management Account is about supporting all residents on Universal Credit, and not just those without bank accounts by giving claimants peace of

mind that their rent is paid while also providing a budgeting tool for their other expenses.”


Councillor Danny Devlin, Convenor for Housing and Maintenance at East Renfrewshire Council said “Universal Credit marks a significant change to the benefits process and for those affected it will undoubtedly cause some concern, so we are committed to supporting our residents in whatever way we can. This account, offered by our partners at Pioneer Mutual Credit Union, not only provides tenants with the peace of mind that their housing costs will be paid automatically, but also a host of other benefits that will make managing their money a little easier.”




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