Report a repair

Let’s fix the problem

We hope you are happy with your Barrhead Housing home. However, we know that sometimes, things go wrong. Find out below how you can report a repair to us in a way that is convenient for you.

If your repair is out with our office hours and an emergency please call our out of hours emergency line: 0800 652 0633.

If you have a problem with your gas central heating or hot water please contact Gas Sure on 01294 468 113

If your repair is an emergency please call us on 0141 881 0638.


Give us a call

Office number: 0141 881 0638

Out of hours emergencies: 0800 652 0633

Gas Sure: 01294 468 113

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Send us an email

Drop an email to with details of the issue that needs repaired.


Pop into our office

You can visit our office during our opening hours at 60-70 Main Street, Barrhead G78 1SB.

Response times

Repair classification Expected response time
Emergency repair 4 hours
Urgent repair 4 working days
Routine repair 10 working days