Barrhead Housing Association (BHA) is committed to delivering a multi-million programme of investment and maintenance across our existing stock over the next 30 years. This will ensure that all our properties meet the Scottish Housing Quality Standard (SQHS) and the Energy Efficiency Standards for Social Housing (EESSH).

All contracts are procured in line with recommended best practice and legislation as set out in the Scottish Procurement Act 2014. BHA is a founder member of the I-FLAIR procurement framework which offers a more streamlined and time efficient route to procure maintenance services through a pre-tendered framework which is focussed on delivering value for money to housing associations.   BHA is also a founder member of the Scottish Procurement Alliance which is another pre-tendered framework that is available to procure contracts and services.

We have set our budget and programme for planned maintenance annually. In determining what items need replace within any development/property, we take into account things like the repair history; the money available from our rental income; the general condition of each item needing replaced; availability of parts; continued compliance with the Scottish Housing Quality Standard (2015); compliance with the Energy Efficiency Standard for Social Housing, EESSH target for 2020, and any changes in legislation and the age of each item.

The information used to prepare the schedule for BHA’s investment programme is based on our latest stock condition survey which was completed in 2017. The stock condition survey information looks at the individual components of each our properties internally and externally and helps us schedule the replacement of these components through the investment and maintenance programme.


The programme of works for the coming year will be included in the following section when available and will include:

  • Kitchen renewals
  • External Door replacements
  • Installation of double glazing .
  • Boiler replacement.
  • Converting electric heating systems to gas central heating systems.
  • Smoke detector replacements to various addresses.
  • Full & Partial Rewiring/upgrading of consumer units at various addresses.

As and when addresses are confirmed for each programme of work we will provide this information below:




Ext Doors / Windows
Replacement Doors Janice Peters
Replacement Kitchens Janice Peters
Replacement Kitchens Janice Peters
Boiler Replacement
Replacement Boilers Janice Peters
Electric to Gas Heating System Installations
Change Electric to Gas Janice Peters
Change Electric to Gas Janice Peters
Change Electric to Gas Janice Peters
Smoke Detectors
Replacement Smoke Alarms and Annual Inspections Property Services
Adhoc Boiler Replacements
Various Addresses – As Required Replacement Boilers Property Services
Electrical: Re-Wire
Various Addresses New Consumer Unit Janice Peters
Various Addresses Full & Partial Re-Wire Janice Peters
Unplanned Major Repairs
Various Unplanned Major Repairs N/A
Estate Improvements
Various Issues highlighted by Estate Inspections Property & Customer Services
Major Voids
Various Works highlighted through void inspection process. Property & Customer Services
Minor Works
Various Addresses Works to comply with SHQS Property Services





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