Non-Essential Repairs

Since lockdown in March, only emergency repairs have been carried out, to reduce the risk of transmission of coronavirus. With an increased number of qualified tradespeople now available and safe working practices established – including social distancing and the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), we are now ready to start dealing with the backlog of non-emergency repairs.

Where possible, we will ask you to stay in a different room while our tradespeople carry out assessments and repairs. When booking an appointment, you will be asked to confirm that no-one in your household is self-isolating with coronavirus, or displaying symptoms of coronavirus.  Please click on the link below for a short video that will hopefully explain the measures put in place to keep you safe whilst works are carried out.

We want to thank all our tenants for their understanding and patience over the last several months as we know that many have waited for months for non-essential repairs to be carried out.  Please be patient whilst we deal with the existing backlog which will take time to work through, and we will be in touch as soon as we can.   If you report a repair to us now, this will continue to be placed on a list and dealt with once we catch up with the backlog.

It’s more important than ever that appointments are kept, so we can help as many tenants as quickly as possible. Bear in mind there may be some jobs which we’re unable to do with the current social distancing restrictions in place.

We will issue this very helpful video to anyone who has requested a repair and who has provided us with an email address which we hope addresses any concerns that you may have.





The Association continue to change how we work in line with Government advice and in response to feedback we are receiving from our contractors and their suppliers. To ensure the safety of our residents and our contractors at this time, we have had to make the difficult decision to only carry out critical emergency repairs. Repairs being prioritised include no electricity, gas leak or a significant water leak and certain blocked drains. If you are in doubt if a repair should be classed as a critical emergency please call the office during normal working hour where calls are being diverted to staff working at home. Or our emergency contact number out with normal working hours. We will contact contractor to check if they will be able to attend. We apologise for the inconvenience.

From Tuesday 24th March 2020, we changed the way we carry out repairs and can only respond to Emergencies. No further planned maintenance and non-essential repairs will be carried out. All routine work and appointments in these categories will be cancelled until further notice. This will continue for the duration of government recommendations which restrict non-essential services. We will provide updates via all our social medial platforms when we know more.

In this current health emergency Scottish Ministers recognise that landlords have to make difficult decisions on how best we can comply with our statutory duties whilst ensuring public health protection principles are maintained to contain the spread of covid-19.

We want to reassure you that we are working hard to maintain our services and take steps to ensure your health and safety, along with that of our staff and contractors.

This reduction in service means we can focus on supporting you and resolving as many issues as we can via the telephone. Our Contractors will only be able to attend your home in very limited circumstances for emergency only repairs.

If they do need to visit, you will be asked a number of questions relating to the coronavirus based on current advice from the Government.

If you contact us, we will ask you a few simple questions:
• If you have any of the following symptoms: a new continuous cough; a fever and a high temperature or are experiencing difficulty breathing.
• If you have made the decision to self-isolate or been told to self-isolate within the last 14 days by 111 or by a medical professional.
• If you, or any of your household are over 70, have any health conditions which mean you may be more at risk, including if anyone is pregnant.

These questions are necessary so we can limit the risk of infection to other tenants, our staff and staff employed by our contractors. Please try not to be alarmed or offended if contractors are using gloves, hand gels, wipes or in some instances, masks. These are to help ensure your safety.

Thank you for your patience.


We have noted below some handy tips.


Do you have enough credit in your meter? Top up may be required.
Have any of the switches in your electrical box/consumer tripped?   See Partial Loss Guidance.
Do your neighbours have power?
Contact your supplier to check if there is a problem with your meter or power supply within the area.
Normally an electrical appliance with an element such as a kettle, iron, tv, cooker, light bulb or microwave has caused the electrics to trip. To resume the power supply you will have to carry out the following actions:
Firstly unplug the appliance from the wall which is causing the problem. This will normally be one of the last appliances you switched on before the electrics tripped. Or turn off the light from the light switch on the wall.   Bulb will have to be replaced but go to next stage first before attempting to change the bulb.
Go to the consumer unit and look at all the switches, they should all be facing up but if one has dropped to the down position this will have to be pushed back up.   You may also have to press a small red/black button, shaped like a square known as an RDC. If neither action works the appliance causing the fault is still plugged in and you will have to source this appliance so you can reset the trip switch again. Once you have the power back on to identify if the fault lies with the appliance or the socket it is recommended that where it is easy to move e.g. kettle, try this in another socket (not the same double socket previously used) if the kettle trips the electrics again it is likely to be a fault with your kettle.   In this instance a new kettle would be required.
If you are still unable to get power supply back on then call emergency number where a member of staff will try to talk you through the process.
Where electrics have been damaged fire please call emergency number so that we can try to get an electrician to you to inspect if electrics are safe to use quickly.   Please refrain from using electrics during this period of time.   Where water has come through a light fitting this light should not be used and a lamp should be used in its place until the source of the leak has been identified and repaired. An electrician will have to disconnect the light and the light may require to be replaced.
Try to protect your belongings as best as possible by moving items away from the affected area. Use a bucket or container to hold the water and if safe to do so contact the resident above and ask if they have a leak.  The tenant above may not be aware of the leak if it is coming from water pipes under their floor. If they know what has caused the fault they should stop using the item such as a sink/bath etc until a plumber can attend. If the leak is coming from a water source that can’t be switched off then the main stop should be turned off, anti clockwise until the plumber arrives.
·         If it is not safe to do so or your neighbour is not at home then please contact BHA during normal working hours or our emergency number at night and during the weekend and a member of staff will attempt to contact resident by phone, text or e-mail if contact numbers have been issued.
If the water is significant and you can see your ceiling starting to bulge then you should protect the furniture/surfaces below and have containers ready sitting below ceiling area. Use a screwdriver, pen or other small metal device like a handle of a spoon to   pierce the ceiling this will result in a flow of water coming through the small hole you have created so it is important that you have the container ready, sitting below to catch the flow of water.
If you live on the top floor and water is coming from roof then contact BHA and our contractor will be contacted to attend as quickly as possible.
If the water is getting through the light fitting, switch off light immediately and do not use until an electrician has advised it is safe to do so. This may result in you having to use a table a lamp as a temporary measure until leak and lights can be fixed.
If you smell gas or have reason to believe there’s been a gas leak you should take immediate action. Call the National Gas Emergency Service number on 0800 111999, 24 hours a day. The National Gas Emergency Service will identify the source of the leak and repair it, free of charge, if it’s outside your home or property.Call 0800 111 999.
You will also have to turn off the main gas supply which can be located at your gas meter. Open windows, do not turn on any electrics including lights. If you live in a flat the door entry system should not be used, the door should be blocked open for emergency contractor to attend.   Do not smoke in property until leak has been traced and you have been advised it is safe to do so. Do not turn back on gas until fault has been repaired and you have been advised it is safe to do so.





We try to make reporting repairs as simple as possible.

The tenancy agreement makes us responsible for carrying out most repairs to your home. In general, we will keep your home ‘wind and watertight’ and ensure it is ‘reasonably fit’ for you to live in. this means we will repair or replace most fittings and fixtures that have become faulty through normal use and fair wear and tear. We also maintain installations including electrical, plumbing and heating systems and other essential features of your home.

We will not however repair anything that has been damaged by you, your family or visitors – whether intentionally, accidentally,or through neglect. You are responsible for carrying out various minor repairs, decorating inside your home; and for maintaining any features of fixtures you have installed yourself.

Full details of our target response times and other important information can be found within our Repairs Policy in the useful documents section.


A full list of Contractors and suppliers that we use can be found here: Contractors and Suppliers


Data Protection Act 2018 - The information you have supplied to us will be used by Barrhead Housing Association to process your enquiry or comments. We may also use your information to verify your identity where required, contact you by post, email or telephone and to maintain our records. Barrhead Housing Association will use this information because we need to do so to perform a task carried out. You can find out more about how we handle this information and your rights in respect of it by going to where our Data Protection Statement and Privacy Policy are available. If you do not have access to a computer and wish a paper copy please let us know by contacting us at or by telephone at 0141 881 0638.