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Scottish Social Housing Charter –

The Scottish Government introduced this in April 2012 following lengthy consultation across Scotland. The Charter sets standards and outcomes that describe the results that tenants and others who use the service can expect from social landlords, like Barrhead Housing Association. The Scottish Housing Regulator is responsible for the monitoring, assessing and reporting on how landlords achieve the Charter outcomes and standards and if necessary, they can intervene where landlords are not achieving them. The Charter looks at a wide range of topics including – complaints, customer satisfaction on services, repairs services, the condition of your home, rent collected and lost when houses are empty, etc.  The Charter was revised in 2017 with minor changes – and is available here.

Barrhead HA completed its first Return on the Charter for 2013/14 and submitted this to the Regulator. we now complete an annual return on the Charter and on the Energy Efficiency Standards every year. The Regulator will then publish our Landlord report in August each year – all are now available in our Scottish Housing Regulator section of this website.

Our customers can access information on all landlords from the Regulator’s website – www.scottishhousingregulator.gov.uk

We report on our Performance on the Charter each year, following consultation with our customers – this will normally mean publishing a report before the end of October. The Landlord report looks at average weekly rents, tenant satisfaction, quality and maintenance of homes, neighbourhoods, and value for money. Our Performance Report looks at all aspects of the Charter, and also compares our performance with other social landlords. Our Performance Reports are available in the Scottish Housing Regulator section of this website.

If you wish further information on the Charter, please do not hesitate to contact our office.

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