The Housing (Scotland) Act 2014 changes the qualifying period to 12 months for Successions/Transfer of Tenancy.  

Please see our Housing (Scotland) 2014 Tab for further details & remember to tell us of any changes to your household.

Succession to a tenancy

Succession is where a tenant dies and the tenancy passes to another member of the tenant’s family or a carer who lived with them. This provides security for your family. If you die, the following people will have the right to take over your tenancy:

  • Your husband, wife, partner or joint tenant as long as the house has been their only or main home for at least six months before your death
  • A member of your family, as long as the house was their only or main home at the time of your death
  • A person who has given up their own home to care for your (or a member of your household) as long as the house was their only or main home at the time of your death

Family members and carers do not have the right to take over your tenancy if your property has been designed or adapted for someone with special needs, but we consider them for rehousing elsewhere.

The Scottish Secure Tenancy can be passed on by succession twice.It is important to keep us up to date with details of the members of your household.If someone wants to take over your tenancy they should tell us within 28 days of your death. We will process the request in line with the above conditions.

Assigning (transferring) a tenancy

If your relationship breaks down or your personal circumstances change, you may want to move permanently out of your home and ask us to transfer your tenancy to another member of your household.

You can transfer your tenancy to someone else as long as that person has been living in the property as their only or main home for at least six months.

The new tenant must be willing to accept responsibility for the tenancy and the property as it is. You must tell us if you want to transfer your tenancy, and get our permission in writing.

Changing your name

If you change your name, please let us know in writing to allow us to update all our records. Our form is available here




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