Housing Stock

We have homes in various communities across East Renfrewshire. Our homes are a variety of property types including traditional tenement flats, cottage flats, houses and bungalows.

We have high demand for all our housing and it can take a long time for homes to become available.

We are also members of HomeSwapper, a mutual exchange scheme that could make it easier for you to move.

If you are an existing social housing tenant, you could effectively ‘swap’ homes with another tenant, giving you control and increasing your chances of finding the home of your choice. The tenant you swap with can be from another housing association or local authority anywhere in the country. To find out more or register to start the process, visit HomeSwapper.

See what we can offer

When you apply for a home with us, you can tell us the areas you would like to live in and the type of property that would be suitable. 

Our interactive map shows where our homes are, what type they are and how often they become available.