Make an application

Step 1:
Engage with Vox, your personalised housing assistant

Begin the journey to find your new home by interacting with Vox, our intelligent chatbot. Vox is here to guide you through the process, and all it takes is answering a few questions to help us better understand your unique circumstances.

Personalised Questions

Vox will ask you a series of questions designed to gather essential information about your preferences, requirements, and circumstances.

Tailored Guidance

Based on your responses, Vox will provide tailored guidance, ensuring that the housing options suggested align with your specific needs.

To engage with Vox

A chat window should have popped up on your browser. You can also click the icon at the bottom-right corner of this page to start chatting with Vox.

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Step 2:
Receive your housing options via email

Once you've completed the interaction with Vox, you'll promptly receive an email summarising the information gathered during your conversation. This email includes:

Points Estimation

Receive an estimate of the points you could earn on your application, based on your current housing circumstances.

Stock Turnover Information

Explore real-time stock turnover data in specific areas to understand housing availability based on your preferences.

You can also use our interactive map that shows all the streets where we have homes. Click the highlighted areas to see in depth information, such as how many homes we let last year.

Waiting list information

Compare your points to our current waiting list. Based on the estimated points on your application, you will be able to see how many people have similar points on our waiting list and how many people have more points than this.

Housing Options

Discover a range of housing choices tailored to your needs, including alternatives to social housing.

Step 3:
Apply for Housing

Access the convenient application link provided in the email to initiate the application process. Input your personal details, submit necessary documentation, and officially apply for your new home.