Reports and Performance

We are a registered social landlord and a registered charity. Our customers and regulators expect high standards of financial and operational performance.

As a social landlord, we are regulated by the independent Scottish Housing Regulator. The Scottish Housing Regulator wants to make sure we are always working in the best interests of tenants and other people who need housing. To show we are doing this, we publish information about our financial results and operational performance. This shows that we focus on service users’ priorities and work efficiently to achieve them.

We are also regulated by the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR).

Guide to information

Our Guide to Information, explains and contains links all the information we routinely make available online.

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    Business performance

    The Scottish Housing Regulator asks us to provide information about our performance each year in May. This is called our Annual Return on the Scottish Social Housing Charter. By October, we publish a report for customers that summarises our performance in key areas. 

    The Scottish Housing Regulator also publishes our full annual return on its website. You can view our latest performance data and engagement plan on the Regulator's website. 

    We regularly compare our performance with other comparable housing associations. This helps us set realistic and challenging performance targets for ourselves. It also lets us see trends in the sector and act quickly upon areas of low performance.

    View our latest reports:

    How we are financed

    Our main income stream is the rent and service charges we receive from our tenants. We also receive management fee income from owners whose properties we factor.

    We also work hard to secure grants to help us deliver community projects and services. Recently we received Investing in Communities Funding from the Scottish Government for community projects and National Lottery Community Funding to help people with the cost of living.

    When we build new homes, we receive grants from the government and loans from banks or other lending institutions.

    How we spend our money

    With a team of about thirty employees, we spend a large amount of those funds on salary costs. View our organisational structure chart.

    We also spend a large amount of money on repairs and maintenance. This covers many different types of maintenance costs. We provide reactive repairs every day to our tenants when they identify damage in their homes. We have programmes like gas servicing and electrical inspections to make sure homes are safe and we comply with our obligations. We also carry out major works, for example, replacing gutters, roofs, kitchens and sanitaryware. This ensures our homes are safe and comfortable long term. 

    We also have costs related to managing our estates and business overheads, as well as interest we pay on our loans.

    Our financial statements show our financial results in full:

    Value for money

    It is important we use money wisely and focus on priorities for service users. We report financial performance to our audit and risk sub-committee every quarter. The committee scrutinises the financial performance by tracking progress against our budget. 

    We also produce five year and 30-year financial plans to look at our finances over the long term. This helps us to plan and ensure we can complete all essential investment in our homes. 

    We developed a Value for Money approach that helps us focus on balancing the quality and costs of our services.