Service Improvement Group

Help us improve

Our service improvement group is a small community of customers who help us improve the services we provide. The group agrees the areas of our business they want to develop and then they work in partnership with our team and governing board to implement improvements.

The group has been very successful so far and we encourage anyone who is interested in improving our services to come along and get involved.

Impact of the service improvement group

The service improvement group formed in 2023 and they chose our voids process for their first review area. They carried out a desktop review of our voids management policy. This included our letting standards and tenants' responsibilities.

Then they compared our arrangements with those of other local housing associations and visited some void properties. The process also involved discussions with the staff team and gathering more customer feedback. To conclude the review we will prepare a report based on all this work that includes recommendations about how we can improve our voids process.

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